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Welcome to Dr. Olmstead’s Options Forum

Dr. Olmstead received his PhD from the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University, where his current title is Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics. Included in his teaching repertoire are finance courses he developed with particular emphasis on the theory and applications of options. 

A primary source of the Forum’s educational material is Dr. Olmstead’s highly rated book on Amazon's website  “Options for the Beginner and Beyond” published by the Olmstead Self-Publishing (3rd Ed 2020). For those interested in purchasing a copy of Dr. Olmstead’s book, please email us at or click on  This link to purchase from Amazon.

Prior to the formation of Monarch Wealth Management Group LLC, Dr. Olmstead maintained the website where a substantial amount of educational material about options was provided. Much of that educational material is now displayed here in the Forum as an introduction to the world of options trading.

The information found here on Dr. Olmstead’s Options Forum will be updated periodically. New articles pertaining to options education will appear here. Also, announcements of Dr. Olmstead’s classes on options, webinars, as well as his speaking engagements will be posted.