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Options for the Beginner and Beyond: Unlock the  opportunities and Minimize the Risks by Dr. Edward Olmstead

This accessible guide to options is appropriate for both beginners and more seasoned investors. The book covers everything from the basics of call and put options to advanced topics like delta-neutral trading and the Black-Scholes formula. The author uses a concise, no-nonsense and easy-to-understand style. Readers will learn why “time is money,” how to use vertical spreads, how options could cut your tax bill and how to make potential profits even when you can’t predict the market direction. Most importantly, it can teach you how to think like an option trader. 

Anyone seeking to learn more about the trading strategy used at Monarch Wealth Management Group, LLC and its performance should check  the Program and Performance sections of this website. Those with an interest to invest funds in the Monarch strategy can contact Dr. Olmstead and the Monarch Team on the Contact Us page.